Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pineapple liqueur

Ah pineapple! I have always thought pineapple to be one of the kings of the fruit world and I don’t even mind the way you can feel it’s acid burning into your teeth.

This pineapple liqueur is delightful turned into a long drink with cold lemonade, but is equally indulgent neat. It has a tropical taste; we were surprised at just how strong the pineapple flavour was - it's zingy and refreshing. There's also a warming burn of booze - not rough but punchy!

Here’s what you need:

2 cups fresh pineapple cut into chunks (we found that a large pot of ready prepared pineapple from M&S was just enough)
1 ½ cups vodka (we used Smirnoff Blue)
½ cup
Polish pure spirit
½ cup
sugar syrup

NB. If you don’t wish to use Polish pure spirit, simply replace it with extra vodka.

Place the pineapple, vodka and Polish pure spirit in a kilner jar and leave for 1 week, ideally somewhere cool and out of direct sun:

When the week is up, strain the mix and mash the pineapple so as to get all the juice and flavour from it:

Do this several times until the liquid is free of any pulp. We found that lining the sieve with a butter muslin (you could use a coffee filter but this can get clogged) filtered the liquid very effectively.

Add the sugar syrup and leave to mature for a month:

Bottle your now-potable liqueur!


Time to make, from start to potable: 5 weeks

Yield: approx 2 cups/500ml


trash said...

Hello there Mr & Mrs Potable. The Caked Crusader suggested I stop by. Am very glad I did as I am quite intrigued by the pineapple liquer.

miss mary said...

Just love the idea of this blog... although pineapple liqueur sounds terrifying!